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How do Card Meters Work?

Card-operated Electricity Meters      Buy Now
It works like this... 
The landlord simply buys a stock of cards.
He sells them for the face value (1, 5, 10 or 20) and pays his utility bill.
No more Meter thefts! No more emptying meters!
Once set up these meters are absolutely brilliant!

You will need to buy only one programming card (see below) per batch of  meters; This is for setting your 'price per unit', 'emergency credit' etc.,
When this card is inserted, the front buttons take on a programming function.

  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to program. (you can always call us).
  • Very easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Card Meter work?
Card meters have become VERY popular in the last 3 years. The Landlord buys from us a stock of either 1 or 5 cards (or both) and sells them direct to his tenant.  The tenant inserts his card into the meter: The card's security code is checked by the meter and the value transferred to the meter. The card is wiped automatically and perforated to show it's been used. The tenant throws the card away. The Landlord pays his electricity bill in the normal way with the money he has collected from the tenant.

Why not use Pound Coin Meters
Coin Meters are very old and are now virtually obsolete. Pound Coin meter users should now be thinking about alternatives. We have been supplying coin meters for 25 years and we now have to accept the end is in sight. We can still give excellent part-exchange deals if you want to change your coin meters for card meters. Call us...or link here. Card meters however are modern, electronic, very reliable and convenient. No more meter break-ins, Cash box emptying or releasing damaged coins! (or ugly meters...let's face it!)

How secure are the cards?
The Cards and Meters are security coded. These card meters will not work with cards that have not been supplied by us. We do sometimes receive card orders from unauthorised persons (You need to be on our database to order cards. To get onto the database you need to contact us).

It is not in our interest or our customers interest to supply cards directly or indirectly to tenants. We will inform the Landlord of any attempts to purchase cards.

Will other peoples cards work in my meters?
No. Cards from other suppliers will not work in our meters...the codes in both the meter and the card must match.

Where can I buy the cards?
Direct from us or from this web site [link]. We exclusively sell the cards for  meters supplied by ourselves.

How do I set the 'price per unit' ?
You will need a programming card. This needs to be ordered separately. Then refer to this link.  Download instructions
There are regulations that basically say that you should charge ONLY what you have been charged - A calculation should be made and a re-imbursement made if you have exceeded this please see this download   price-per-unit 

 How do I reset the meter and zero the credit?
You will need a programming card. This needs to be ordered separately. Then refer to this link.  Download instructions

What are the issues regarding reconditioned meters?
None! Unless it is used for primary billing. The meters are just as accurate and reliable. The meters have usually come to us because of 'key meter' upgrading programs.

You have the added advantage of a two year warranty as opposed to the manufacturers 6 month warranty!

You have the further advantage of our advance replacement policy.

These meters are Ofgem approved and are tested prior to despatch.

This is still, by far, the best way of buying card meters for secondary (sub-metering) purposes!


Technical Specifications on the PP3 Card Meter

Power Supply Rated Voltage 220 - 240v ( UK  and EU)

Influence of Supply Voltage The Unit complies with IEC: section 4.4.2. Operation over the voltage range complies with IEC 1036: section with permissible error as given in IEC 1036 table 14. For voltage dips and short interruptions the unit complies with IEC 1036: section and tested according to iec 1036: SECTION

Current Range: 20 to 100A standard.

Frequency: 50Hz Standard

Power Burden: Less than 2VA

Accuracy: Class 2.0

Temperature Range Operating range: -10C to 45C

Limit Range of Operation -20C to 55C

Storage Range* -25C to 70C This complies with IEC 1036: 4.3.1. *Maximum period of 6 hours at the extremes of this temperature Range

Dimensions         Height 172mm  Width:126mm Depth: 90mm

Trouble Shooting PP3 Card Meter

I keep getting the message " Card Error"

You are trying to use the wrong card. Always buy your cards from the same source as your meters. The cards and meters are coded. 2. You are inserting the card too slowly. Leave it a few minutes, then Insert again sharply 3. The card is corrupted.  Always store your cards away from speakers, PCs, Televisions etc., Try another card.

The meter is giving too much electricity.

The meter rates are incorrectly set. Check your settings. Pay particular attention to the decimal point. e.g. 000∙64 is  0∙64 pence per unit 006∙40 is 6∙4 pence per unit 064∙00 is 64 pence per unit

The meter is giving too little electricity

The meter rates are incorrectly set. see above

The meter has used and perforated my programming card.

Sorry, this is rare, but it does happen sometimes. Contact your supplier.

The meter keeps beeping!

You have set the Emergency Credit (E.CRED) to the same value as the 'Emergency Credit Available at' (E.AVAIL) Your meter is telling you to put in another card.